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Designed and Assembled in Australia

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In 2021 Flite set records for the fastest eFoil speed in the world, and hosted the first official international eFoiling race – the Flite Cup. In 2022 Flite Ambassador Tom Court and big wave surfer Glynn Ovens used Flite’s eFoils to surf the biggest waves ever ridden (Nazare) on an electric hydrofoil.


Flite has patented five new inventions and just released our latest series of upgrades, Flite Series 2.2, which melds all of our new technology into whisper-quiet rides.

Flite's full range includes the easy riding AIR, popular and dynamic Fliteboard, adrenaline inducing PRO and the acrobatic ULTRA. Our latest innovations in battery technology, management and thermal control; create new benchmarks in electric marine power.


The most popular and versatile Fliteboard. Suits riders from beginner to advanced. Enough volume and deck area for early planing and easy pop-up, yet still highly manoeuvrable and easy to transport.


High quality inflatable board. Suitable for beginners, Fliteschools, yachts and commercial operators. 50% more buoyant than the standard board to make learning even easier. Packs down for easy transportation.


For lighter/experienced riders that want a lighter-weight, more responsive board. Fliteboard comes standard with a prop guard. Advanced riders can setup “Pro Mode” by removing the prop guard with our prop duct removal kit - this will increase responsiveness, efficiency and run time.

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Our award-winning, ergonomic Flite Controller provides intuitive control and real-time performance information to the rider.With an increased range from 20 to 40 degrees, enjoy more precision and control.


Wireless 21700 cells deliver double the potential energy, ingenious thermal management with new Phase Changing Material, all protected by titanium.

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