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Innovator in electric and motorised Surfboards 

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Jetsurf Electric 2022

The first-ever fully electric JETSURF board combines JETSURF’s top- notch maneuverability with environmental benefits.

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Jetsurf Electric 2022

The first-ever fully electric Jetsurf that combines a racing chassis with top-level manoeuvrability, fast acceleration with high top speeds and easy plug and play features whilst having all of the environmental benefits. DC high performance water-cooled engine, generating huge amounts of torque.


The new Jetsurf handle has an integrated Booster button allowing the rider to activate a temporary turbo mode for that extra high adrenaline speed throughout the water. All new models of Jetsurf including the Electric now come with the new integrated ‘FCS II’ fin mounts, allowing you to click in and click out the side fins with efficiency and ease.

Every Electric Jetsurf is constructed inside the infamous Carbon Fibre racing hull, giving the rider perfect manoeuvrability at high speed throughout the corners, keeping weight to a minimum whilst maintaining a very stylish and elegant look to the board. The interchangeable battery pack has a large powerful capacity of 3.1kWh (59Ah) with a charge time of 2.5 hours, giving the rider a secured 35 minutes of adrenaline packed fun and reaching speeds of 50 km/h.


Feel absolutely free riding Jetsurf. The electric motor generates very little noice and is 100% emission free. Opening up a whole new world of possibilities and potential locations to ride. 

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