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zero emissions, no noise and no wake



A watercraft designed in the style of a drone, with sensors and a processor that controls the flight via actuators that vary the incidence of the hydrofoils 100 times per second!


Custom colour 2.490,00 €
Tarpualin protection 790,00 € 

Launching trolley 1.790,00 €
Trailer with cradle 2.990,00€
Pack of 2 saddlebags 1.290,00 €

Add. 3 battery sets for OVB100 4.940,00 €

Add. Battery for OVB150  7.790,00 €
Full carbon hull 19.990,00 €
Larger hydrofoils (low speed) 
2.990,00 €

100 F

29.158,00 € 

Experience the unique sensation of flying over the waves in perfect safety with the Overboat 100F! 

Anyone over the age of 15 can utilize the Overboat 100F.

150 F

34.992,00 €

Share the joy of flying over the waves with a friend with this model intended for two! The 150F is designed for professional use; it is faster and more sporty than the 100F.

100 C

14.158,00 €

This boat, unlike the OVB 100F, lacks hydrofoils. It's an excellent choice for traveling in protected waters with limited speed. 

Another advantage is its light weight.

150 C

16.658,00 €

This two-seater boat, unlike the OVB 150F, lacks hydrofoils and is excellent for cruising in protected waters with limited speed.

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