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Water Toys for Yachts - Yacht Crew Training Caribbean SXM

Fantastic afternoon in St. Maarten onboard the MY Christina Too.

The Yacht Toy Guy workshop was focused on E-foils, Seabobs and Awake boards.

The crew learned about set-up, safe operation, maintenance and safe storage on board. With a hands-on approach, our experts demonstrated how to charge batteries, connect / clean cables, pair batteries, troubleshoot, update software and more! We used an inflatable efoil dock by Yachtbeach to make the set-up and training easier. After we completed the demonstration and operational training, we jumped in the turquoise-blue Caribbean water and started riding. The main goal was to showcase crew how to teach beginners to ride e-foils, electric surfboards or Seabobs and to improve their riding abilities.

It was such a pleasure to work with Captain Oliver and his crew. Thank you for having us onboard!

Do you want to organize a crew training day for your vessel? Contact us at or call us +33 6 69 92 95 52

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