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This is the perfect extension to floating Platforms and create a dock for any Foil board on the market. The Foil Ramp can be inflated within seconds and is super easy to be attached to Yachtbeach Platforms, Pools or Docks with just 2 of the Yachtbeach Handles Connectors. The Yachtbeach super slippery top Surface enables going in and out with the Foil Board without any challenge. Be surprised how easy you can now dock and restart your Foil and most important keep damages from the yacht away.
Protected by International Patent


Dropstitch with 20cm thickness - provides incredible stability and even more safety.

Foam Surface/Foam Top:
made of flexible EVA teak, UV and saltwater resistant

covered with Slip PVC Material


  • ›  2 Yachtbeach Handles

  • ›  2 Valves

  • ›  1 Rubber Fender Line to protect Foil and product


1 499,00 €Price

Main Platform: 148 cm width, 185 cm length (into the water) 5 cm HDDS Top, 20 cm Tube
Weight incl. bag: approx. 13 kg - 28,66lbs
Packing size: approx. 75x51x29cm - 30"x20"x12"

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